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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!  There are countless new adventures ahead, creatively and tangibly.

2013 grants us a fresh start, a new beginning full of possibilities.  I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I do use the holiday season to take inventory. I reflect on the past year and pray for renewed vision for the next.

I don’t know how you view your future or establish your goals; however let me encourage you to move past your old boundaries.  Don’t look to the future through the eyes of your weakness, I challenge you to set aside time to get quiet and take a glimpse from the position of your strengths and dreams.  Be honest with yourself, identify what it is you’re passionate about and set a course to pursue it.

There are new songs yet to be written, music ministries to be birthed, companies to be formed, ideas to be ignited and new ground to be explored.  Vision attracts opportunity; when it’s authentic others are drawn to it.  Don’t allow fear or doubt to limit you, when God has given you purpose and promised to provide.

Together in His grip,




Jackie Patillo, Executive Director
Gospel Music Association

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