Ryfo.org Launches New Website Providing Practical Services for Musicians at No Charge

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New Site Offers Musicians Easier Access to National Network and Increased Service Selections

San Clemente, CA – RYFO, whose volunteer network has served the needs of hundreds of touring musicians with free meals, beds to sleep in, care-packs, prayer, and counsel, has launched a revamped website. The new site allows easy access for artists and hosts across the nation to connect, with a mobile-friendly version of the site coming soon.

The innovative organization offers a variety of services at no charge and no obligation for touring musicians living their lives on the road away from their support systems. Additional services include laundry facilities, showers as well as spiritual support.

“RYFO was created to help the church love and serve these performers as a demonstration of Christ’s love” says Nick Greenwood, President of RYFO. “Artists are voices of culture, and what they are communicating is reaching the world. We must share the Gospel with the artist community.”

Founded in 2009, RYFO has gone on to serve over 1,000 touring musicians. Since November 2011 alone, the organization has developed 70 host homes, connected with 275 bands and facilitated nearly 150 host home stays.

“On behalf of the Gospel music community, the Gospel Music Association is excited to shine a light on what RYFO is doing to support our musicians.” says Jackie Patillo, Executive Director of the GMA. “It’s our privilege to endorse an organization like RYFO that offers such a practical solution.”

RYFO will continue to enhance services by rolling out new partnerships with mechanics, recording studios, stores, restaurants and other benefits in the coming months. Individuals can also visit the site to learn how they can become part of the RYFO Network and support through donations or by becoming a host home/church.

“We want to encourage the Christ-following music listener to be a ‘different brand of fan,’ says Nick. “Fans that not only like music but love the musician by serving them in practical ways.”

Visit the new site at: www.ryfo.org

RYFO Video: http://www.youtube.com/ryfonetwork

About RYFO:

RYFO was established in 2009 with the mission of making the Good News of Jesus’ love unavoidable in the music community by helping followers of Jesus show and share his love with musicians.  To date, its volunteer network has served the needs of hundreds of touring musicians with free meals, beds to sleep in, care-packs, prayer, and counsel.  www.ryfo.org


For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact:

Nick Greenwood

President and Founder, RYFO

(949) 683-3983





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