Spiritual Support

The GMA understands that life on the road can be one of the greatest challenges to an artist’s spiritual & emotional life. ¬†As a result, the GMA partners with and endorses the following organizations that help fill these needs in a variety of ways:


Porter’s Call

Porter’s Call is a ministry of counsel and support for recording artists and their families. Our mission is to provide a welcoming relationship for recording artists on their pilgrimage of life and faith.
The Reversal

To see artists, and those who support them in the touring community, experience the life-affirming power of the Gospel, including focused Bible study, organic discipleship, one-on-one mentoring and focused spiritual care so that real growth and true peace may grow naturally in their lives.

RYFO offers a variety of services to musicians at no charge and no obligation. Supporting the people behind the art, and the needs they have; physical, emotional, and spiritual. We want touring artists to know that they have an international community around them that they can be a part of, that understands them, loves them, appreciates their artistic differences, and longs to serve their needs as Jesus would have.